2016 End of Year

Support Request

You are probably inundated with end of year support requests from ministries and organizations during this holiday season. Not be left out, here is ours. But please, don’t simply click away from this one. Would you please read it to the very end? I think you may discover why this support request is different than most of the others you will receive.

Disciple Daily was born in February of 2011. At the time, I had been serving as the Executive Director of a large Bible teaching organization founded by my Jewish friend and discipler, Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum. During the last couple of years at Ariel, I began to sense that my tenure there was coming to a close. God started using a number of events to move me from my comfort zone into more dependence on His daily leading. Just a few weeks before Disciple Daily was established, our King moved in a very definitive way to show Noemi and I what He wanted us to do.

Our Calling

Since the earliest days of my faith walk in 1971, I have been aware of two things:

    • It is necessary for all people, saved and unsaved alike, to quickly grasp an understanding of God’s expansive plan for all He created as it is revealed exclusively in the Bible
    • There is a critical need in the Church for all believers to be discipled through life-on-life relationships with proven and intentionally reproductive disciple makers.

I have been invited into the lives of men who have built these concepts and disciplines into me since the earliest days of my belief. Sadly, it does not appear that many self-identifying Christians are now being equipped in the way my disciplers taught me. Disciple Daily was created to address this deficiency.

Disciple Daily exists to train disciples who make disciples, one person at a time, one story at a time.

Our Strategy
How are we accomplishing this? We went back to the Bible to d
iscover a strategy that is so old, it seems new. God is a storyteller. The story He tells is found in the narrative of the entire Bible, not just in the New Testament. It begins in Genesis and ends in Revelation. The larger outer narrative is comprised of many events or accounts. Without apology, we call these accounts stories. These stories are true. The events they depict really happened, just as the author of the Bible recorded them. These are the primary historic events of our faith, events that every follower of Jesus should know and be able to give away to others who they are discipling. 

We have formatted twelve foundation Bible stories for oral transfer. They are “Creation”, “Adam & Eve”, “The Fall”, “Noah and the Nations”, “Abraham”, “Moses”, “David”, “Hinge of History”, “Jesus”, “Birth of the Church”, “A Personal Story” and “Things To Come”. These stories support everything else taught in the Bible. Our storytelling disciple makers tell each one of these stories in under five minutes. Each story includes Scripture verses to be quoted in the right place among a number of required key story points.

The disciples that we train use these stories to open the doors to many practical biblical applications to 21st Century issues. They can be used to disciple the unsaved towards first belief in Jesus Christ. They are used to build biblical truth into the lives of new believers. Finally, they are very useful in equipping those who have not yet stepped into a disciple making lifestyle of their own to do so. Teaching these stories creates opportunities for one-on-one disciple making where people live, work, play, and worship.

What God has been developing here at Disciple Daily works! Because of this, God has now expanded our ministry far beyond San Antonio to points across the United States and around the world. Many of the people actively using our Stories of God strategy are overseas in Eurasia, the countries of the old Soviet Bloc nations of Central Asia and Eastern Europe. The majority of Jesus followers are sports coaches using their sport as a gateway to disciple making activity.

I was introduced to this group, the International Sport Coalition, by a young man I met during a pastors conference in Tajikistan. Early this year, he asked us to go to Uzbekistan to train about 100 underground disciple makers in the use our stories. The trip was scheduled for November 25 through December 6. This is a country where followers of Jesus are imprisoned for sharing their faith outside the doors of a state registered church. Those we trained were very responsive and excited to discover how to use this strategy in a place where people are heavily fined just for carrying a Bible. We are now in the process of identifying a coordinator for our storytelling strategy in this closed country.

Recently, our Stories of God were translated into Russian and produced as training videos for disciple makers throughout the Russian speaking world. We now have ministry partners in the countries of Georgia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Russia and Moldova. We have a plan for training disciple makers to use our Stories of God strategy in every country of Eurasia and the Middle East. Invitations are on the table to train disciples in a number of additional countries over the next couple of years. We want to make these stories available in Hebrew, Arabic, and Spanish as quickly as possible. This will require financial resources that we do not currently have.    

Our Need

Most of what has been accomplished so far at Disciple Daily has been self-funded.  Noemi and I have covered the cost of the developmental work through our own personal resources. We have a small number of faithful monthly supporters and a few end of year donors. We are grateful for each one of them. God has used them to supplement what we have been unable to provide. But to plan ahead, something more is required.

We are now asking God to provide 200 monthly partners who will commit to a minimum $30 monthly donation for the next three years. That is about one dollar a day, translating into $1,000 dollars over a three year span. With 200 people making this commitment, we will have all the financing needed for everything we believe God is calling us to accomplish in the next few years.

I am personally asking you to consider becoming a regular monthly partner in the work of Disciple Daily. Will you join of our financing team?

Arlie Francis

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P.S. – Disciple Daily is a legally registered 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation. Your donations to Disciple Daily are tax-deductible.