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Come and See Training

The Come and See discipleship training lessons are our gift to you and your church or congregation. They are yours to use free of charge any way that you want.

John1:35-39 introduces us to Yeshua’s first invitation to His first disciples. In the Come & See stage of Jesus’ training, His disciples had the opportunity to simply watch Him to see what He was all about. This was Yeshua’s first invitation to join Him in the adventure of making disciples. With Yeshua as our example, Disciple Daily now invites you to explore Come & See. Share what you learn with others, because that is what disciples of Messiah Jesus do!

New believers in Jesus need to quickly develop a basic working knowledge of the Bible. The Come and See lessons were designed for that purpose. They were produced for your use in helping the new believers God has placed around you to become disciples too. So let’s get started.

HIS Story

What the Apostles taught is known as the New Testament. The Apostle’s teaching stabds on the foundation of what Jesus taught them about the Old Testament. They called the Old Testament the Tanak. Most believers today think of the Tenak as nothing more than a compilation of old stories. They have never given much thought to the fact that it is really one long and continuous record of God’s own story. Instructions for Jesus’ followers come from what He taught His first disciples. The first thing we want you to do is learn how the New Testament stands on what the Old Testament teaches.

Over the next couple of weeks, while you are working your way through the five lessons in this collection, you should memorize the Key Phrases and the Hand Signs on this video. Start reading the passages associated with each one. Don’t rush. Take some time to work through this carefully. You will save yourself a lot of frustration in the years ahead of you by carefully laying a solid foundation, the foundation the Apostles had when they started their own disciple-making ministries. Before you start working through the five lessons in this first stage of your training, download and print the Bible Walk Key Events PDF. You will need a password to watch the video below. Please use the Contact Form to send us a request. It will be sent to you quickly so you can get started.

Come and See Lessons

Now, it is time to begin working through the Come and See lessons in order. Please do not skip ahead, even if you think you already know what we are talking about. Each lesson has a short video and some material to read. There are also some questions for you to answer. By carefully working through the five lesson listed below, you will develop a solid foundation for understanding the Bible. You will also discover that God will begin to give you opportunities to share what you are learning with others you know at home, work, church, and at play. As you make time to help people work through this material, you will begin to glorify God and make disciples like Yeshua commanded.

Session 1: Tel Maresha – Puzzles, Archeology, and the Bible

Session 2: Biblical Philosophy of HIStory

Session 3: Abraham’s Tent – Promise Fulfilled, Unconditionally!

Session 4: Garden of Eden – Paradise Lost

Session 5: Caesarea Philippi – The Church, An Old Testament Mystery

Each lesson builds on what was learned in the previous one. If you skip a lesson, the foundation that will be laid in the disciples you are working with will have holes in it. It will eventually fall apart. An important characteristic of Yeshua’s disciples is that they have discipline. If you have questions and/or comments about one of the lessons, do not hesitate to use the response form at the bottom of each lesson.

Let’s get started! It’s time for your first Come & See lesson, Puzzles, Archeology, and the Bible.

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  1. Agunbiade Adewale
    Agunbiade Adewale says:

    Want to be part of disciple daily and operate within my locality for now, and form a group to pursue this goal . I leave and run my business in Nigeria in the city of Lagos, in our small community of Satellite town. Shalom.

    • Habib
      Habib says:

      our failures do not deeinmtre our future with the Lord. It reminds me of a bumpber sticker I read once: Christians aren’t perfect. They’re just forgiven. Have you ever seen it? It’s so true! I love it. Non-Christians may be misled into believing that Christians should always act perfectly and like to point it out when we’re not. But you know what? Christians do the same thing to each other, and also to ourselves! We expect ourselves to be perfect, like Christ, and when we fail to be that way, we’re so hard on ourselves (I do that so many times). But as the Bible shows us, Peter denied Jesus right to His face, not once, but three times! Even the great Peter, Jesus’ actual disciple, the father’ of church! It’s like me, denying to others that my parents aren’t really my parents, right in front of them. How hurt would they be! It’s a good thing, a GREAT thing, that God is so forgiving. He allows us to new opportunities, so many fresh starts, to do better. How wonderful is He! We’re not perfect, but we’re forgiven.

      • Silva
        Silva says:

        I agree with you about being submitted for use by the Holy Spirit as long as we are acivte, rather than passive, in our submission. If I sit all day at home, waiting for a lost person to come to my door so that I can disciple them, I’m going to be waiting awhile. If I’m acivtely moving among lost people, I listen for the Holy Spirit to tell me who to talk to and why.

  2. Asubiojo Olusegun
    Asubiojo Olusegun says:

    i would like to be an active member of disciple daily. i have started a house fellowship in south africa

    • Disciple Daily Editor
      Disciple Daily Editor says:


      I am greatly encouraged by the note you have sent us. Over recent years I have met a number of believers in South Africa. It appears that there is a fresh wind stirring in your region of the world within some in the Church to receive good Bible teaching and a willingness to teach it to others. That is really exciting.

      I would like to get a little better acquainted with you in order to see how to best assist you. Please send me a a brief testimonial of how and when you came to faith at Also, do you have available a computer with a camera & microphone as well as a good internet connection? Please include the availability of these things along with your testimonial. One last item, where do you live? What part of South Africa are you in?

      • Rina
        Rina says:

        Yes and amen! I wholeheartedly agree; but even more important (I think), I’m convicted to being ever more yielded and submitted for use by the Holy Spirit in this matter! I’m mindful that He is single-minded in His work to redeem us and transform us to the image of Christ; and I want to be totally in synch with Him. It is so much later than we think, and unquestionably time to make the Main Thing the main thing!

        • Eldhi
          Eldhi says:

          I would add at the very top of the list:What is the state of my relationship with God and how am I being dpeicilsd by others?What is the state of my unseen life, family life, etc.?We can only be good disciplers when we ourselves are good disciples.

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