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Israel Tours, Petra Included

11392803_10204292689985922_1315845953617263793_nThis is a two-week disciple maker’s training event where it all began!

Most believers in Jesus have at one time thought about taking a trip to the Promised Land, the land of the Bible. They have dreamed about seeing the places named in the Bible. For most, that’s all it will ever be, a dream. The reasons are numerous. The one most often cited is that the cost of a vacation in Israel is just too much money to spend. That true if you are looking for a vacation. On a vacation in Israel one returns home with lots of pictures, olive wood camels, and the rapidly fading memories of where you have been and the people you have met. A vacation is for you. 

A Disciple Daily discipleship training tour of Israel is about something more. It is an investment that will pay eternal dividends, equipping you to step into the life you were created for. While in Israel with us, you will learn how to play your role in the grand story of the Bible. We will help you connect your own story to the major people, places, and events recorded in God’s Word. You will return home as a virtual tour guide of the Bible, prepared to take everyone you know and love on the most incredible journey of their lives. You will know how to win people to faith, disciple them to maturity, and help them do the same with others. This is discipleship!

What Makes Us Different

  1. Two Full Weeks – Most tours to Israel last about ten days. By the time you get over the jet-lag, it is almost time to return home. That is not a a good investment of your time and treasure. Believers who travel with us are exposed to portions of the land that tourists never see. They meet the people of the land, both Jews and Arabs who make this part of the world so interesting and so central to God’s overall plan for history.
  2. Conducted Chronologically – The Bible is best understood when it is read from beginning to end. Our tours start in the south, in the Negev, where God ratified His unconditional covenant with Abraham and His physical descendants. Organized to introduce you to the unfolding grandeur of the Bible, our tours generally include an overnight excursion to Petra & Wadi Rum, in Jordan. Most people are charged extra for this. It is just part of our package because we believe it is important.
  3. Living Stones – God is doing a new work in Israel. For the first time in almost 2,000 years Jewish people are once again coming to faith in Yeshua, their Messiah. Arab’s are also recognizing Jesus as their Savior. Together, they are training for ministry in Jerusalem, Judea & Samaria, and around the world. Throughout our time in their land, you will meet Jewish and Arab believers in Jesus who are finding and experiencing shalom in Him. Your discipleship training tour with Disciple Daily supports the work of One For Israel, and encourages their outreach throughout the Middle East.
  4. Equipping For Ministry – Everyone who travels with us returns home with new disciple-making tools to train the people they know to understand the storyline of the Bible, from beginning to end. These tools are fun, effective, and useful with believers of all ages. During your tour with Disciple Daily, we will show you how to teach others what we are teaching you. That is what discipleship is all about.

For more information on our next discipleship training tour in Israel and Jordan, contact us.


  1. Cherie Shuvee
    Jun 05, 2015 @ 10:29:27

    I am excited to learn more about the fall tour.
    blessings. Cherie

    • Arlie Francis
      Jun 05, 2015 @ 16:08:56

      Cherie, I sent you an email with some contact info.