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Discover Jesus on every page of the Bible!

The Bible tells one grand story. This story is built on many individual historical events. All of the events recorded in the Bible are connected. Seeing and understanding the connections is essential to correctly interpreting what the Bible teaches. While every story is very important. They all point to Jesus. Some of the events in the Bible create a foundation that all of the others are built upon. Disciple Daily has identified twelve key foundation Bible stories. Learn these foundation stories and you will understand more of the entire Bible. Disregard them and you will never fulfill God’s calling on your life.

In the prologue (John 1:1-18) to his account of Yeshua’s life, the Apostle John identified the real author of the entire Bible as Jesus Himself. Through human agents Jesus inspired every single word of the Scriptures. When God became a man, He taught His first disciples to interpret and apply the Hebrew Scriptures as He intended. Yeshua’s 1st Century followers had no authority to interpret the Scriptures any other way. So it is today. Jesus’s 21st Century disciples must interpret and apply what the Bible teaches the same way that His 1st Century disciples did. Since those days, nothing has changed. 

Become A Disciple That Makes Disciples
The Church desperately needs disciples who know the truth, believers that allow Him to live the truth through them as His image bearers before those who are looking for truth themselves. 
There is no shortage of spiritual experts ready to tell the less informed what they should or should not do to please God. Biblical literacy is rapidly disappearing in our local churches.

Those who would make a difference in their world must return to the Scriptures to learn what God desires for those who claim His name. We can return to the One who wrote the  Bible and learn what we are to do about what He says. Everybody would-be disciple should first practice what they preach before those they would teach. Greater knowledge about what the Bible says should translate into a better practice of life. This allows those God wants us to  disciple to see the transforming power of God’s Word in our lives right before their eyes!

A Strategy So Old It Seems Brand New
Bible storytelling has always been one of the most powerful tools in a disciple maker’s tool chest. It is a craft Jesus’s first disciples practiced. Now it is our turn. With the help of partners around the world the foundation set of our Stories of God series is now yours to use free of charge. Teaching your disciples how to tell these stories will equip them to deliver a message of hope where they live, work and play.

Each one of the Bible stories found on this page contains very practical life lessons. For example, the Story of Creation explains why evil exists in the perfect world created by our perfect God? Two very relevant 21st Century sin issues are addressed. These issues literally leap right out of the Story of Creation.All of our stories can be told in about five minutes. There are a number of key story points. They must be memorized and told to your audience in your own words, in order, without skipping any of them. Each story has several memory verses that need to be quoted perfectly to distinguish the actual text of the Bible from the story your own words. With just a little bit of effort each day, you could learn to tell all of these stories in a very short amount of time. 

Four Questions
Telling stories is a great way to open up the intellect, imagination, and emotions of the people you disciple. Helping them process what they have heard is one of your objectives. Asking good questions is a powerful strategy in this. We train our disciples to ask four key questions after they have told every story. 

  • What attracted your attention as you listened to this story?
  • What does this story tell us about God?
  • What does this story tell us about humanity?
  • If this story is true, what might you need to do?


  1. Learn the stories in order. Do not skip ahead!  
  2. Print and read the storyteller’s guide
  3. Watch the sample video.
  4. Memorize the key verses. Learn to quote them perfectly.
  5. Begin telling the story in your own words.
  6. Don’t leave out any of the main points! 
  7. Practice telling each story regularly.
  8. Look for God-given opportunities to teach these stories to others.
  9. Watch God transform your life as He transforms the lives of those you disciple.

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