Revelation 15 – Wrath of God

Revelation 15:1-8

Contents: Vision of the angels with the seven last plagues and the bowls of the wrath of God.

Characters: Messiah Jesus, John, 7 Angels, Moses, 4 Beasts

Conclusion: In the hours when the unexampled wrath of God is being poured out upon the earth there will be a faithful redeemed company, who in spite of all their sufferings for Messiah’s sake, will be enabled to join in the great chorus exalting Jehovah their Deliverer and the Lamb, their Saviour.

Key Word: Wrath of God, Revelation 15:1, 7

Strong Verses: Revelation 15:3-4

Striking Facts: Revelation 15:3 – “King of nations” is also translated as “King of saints, or ages.” Jesus is never represented as King of the saints, or the Church, but as their Lord. The relationship of the Church saints in the present age is a more intimate relationship than that of subjects to a King. He is our Bridegroom. The Tribulation saints, however, will be related to Him as subjects and exalt Him as “King of Nations.”

Memory Hook: Revelation 15 – The Songs of Moses and of the Lamb Singing

(The Memory Hooks are taken from The Revelation to Remember by Pastor Steve Troxel of Shepherds’ Support, Published by Disciple Daily.)

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