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Central Asia Training
Late November 2016

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

God’s grand story is the masterpiece of all the stories ever told. It is the foundation of our faith, providing instruction for our lives. This story remains the most relevant story of our day. God’s grand story continues to change lives as it is shared and retold to those who need to hear it.

586049173_295x166That is why on November 25th, I will be going to a country in Eurasia whose name cannot be shared. For five days, already proven disciple makers will be shown how to use storytelling as the primary tool in their disciple maker’s toolkit. Close to 100 leaders of the underground Church will participate in this training. Each one of these individuals is committed to creating disciple making movements that extend to at least the fourth spiritual generation, following the example of 2 Timothy 2:2 (Paul, Timothy, faithful men, others). 

My goal is to reach a point at the end of our time together where participants would be able to share the first three stories found in the book of Genesis (Creation, Adam & Eve, The Fall), John 1:1-18, and learn how to build their own stories, including how they met Messiah Jesus.  All of the stories they will be learning to teach are part of the Stories of God series we have been developing the last several years. We will be praying that when we return home, they will possess the skills and desire to teach others to tell stories from all over the Scriptures as they make disciple making disciples.

I am asking for your prayers for both those I am going to serve and for ourselves. Rick Lowe of Shepherds Support will accompany me on this journey. Would you consider joining our prayer team for this trip?   Due to the location of our ten day trip, communication will be limited, but prayers on our behalf must be fervent.  This is an area where God’s enemies have many strongholds.

mission-makr-logoI will be using a service called MissionMakr to host prayer requests and updates as we are able to send them. It is private and secure. If you would like to receive notifications of updates as they happen and what we need prayer for, please click through on the MissionMakr logo and register.

Thank you so very much. I am both humbled and excited about this tremendous opportunity to study, practice, and teach the grand story of the Living God with these dear saints.

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