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Walk Thru the Bible

Teach your disciples how to remember the major
people, places, and events of the Bible… in order

Why does a jigsaw puzzles have a picture on the cover of its box? The picture shows what the pieces will looked like when all of the pieces are assembled. Without the picture, it is significantly harder to put the pieces together. Without the picture, most people won’t even try to put a puzzle with hundreds of pieces together. Sadly, this is the situation for most believers in Jesus when it comes to the Bible. When people don’t know what the big picture of the Bible looks like, they give up. Most of the time their Bible sits on a shelf, rarely, if ever touched.

Without first understanding how the pieces of the Bible fit together, It is impossible to practice the life of a follower of Jesus. Here is an example. Many of the commands God gave to people in the Bible were never meant for 21st Century Christians to obey. God gave 613 specific commands to the Israelites at Mt. Sinai. The Mosaic Covenant applied only to the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob… the Jewish people. The Mosaic Covenant remained in effect for the Jewish people until a better covenant took its place with the death, burial, and resurrection of our Jewish Messiah. It is no longer in effect for anyone today whether they are a Jew or a Gentile. In fact, no one ever could. Except Jesus!

Jesus taught His first disciples to practice the life He demonstrated before them. Watching Him, they arrived at stunning conclusions about who He was, why He was with them, and what He wanted them to do with the life He created them for. Jesus taught His 1st Century disciples how to study and practice the Hebrew Bible for themselves. Nothing has changed. If you will meet Him in the Bible, He will show you how all of its pieces fit together.

Putting The Pieces Together

The central message of the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) rests on the storyline of seventeen historical books. The Old Testament provides the foundation for rightly understanding the Gospel accounts of our Yeshua’s life. This informs our observations concerning the practices of Jesus’s first disciples as revealed in the Acts of the Apostles.

If you could learn how to place the major people, places and events of the entire Bible in order and remember it for the rest of your life, what would that be worth to you? Disciple Daily can make it happen. We can show how. Best of all, you will have a lot of serious fun!

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Training Options
Disciple Daily is a certified provider of Walk Thru the Bible – Live Events. This short video is an example of what you will learn during our Walk Thru the Bible events. There are two ways you can get this training. The content is the same regardless of the format in which our training is delivered. 

1. Live Event Training
Ordinarily, Live Events are conducted within a local church setting where they are offered to an entire congregation. This is a full-sensory Bible experience. Live Events are appropriate for young and old alike. They are a lot of fun for everyone. You will be surprised at how easy and affordable it is to make this training available to your congregation. If you would like to investigate this option, contact us and we will get back with you quickly to answer questions and get it on our calendar.

2. Small Group Training
Perhaps your family and friends would benefit from this type of Bible training experience. In this setting, our Walk Thru the Bible training is a great multi-sensory experience. It can be done in-person on location or remotely using 21st Century communication tools. All you need is a large room, a computer with a good internet connection, and the ability to live stream the sessions to a large monitor or television. You will be surprised how affordable this can be. Contact us for additional information.

Closing Comments

Committing the meta-narrative of the Bible to memory is the foundation for deeper Bible study on your own. Without it, you will never know if your own interpretation and application of the Scriptures is correct. You will be forced to depend on someone else to tell you what the Bible teaches, and that is dangerous. It is time for you to take responsibility for yourself and the people God has entrusted to your care. 

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