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Three Leg StoolEzra 7:10
Study, Practice, Teach

Jesus taught His disciples to make disciples the same way He was taught. 

Jesus obeyed His Father. He received obedience training every day of His life. Isaiah 50:4-5 reveals that Jesus was awakened each morning for the purpose of being taught the life of a disciple, the life of obedience. All the way to the cross, Jesus obeyed His Father in everything that He did. Jesus taught His disciples to obey Him.

A stool with three legs helps us to remember Ezra 7:10. The Gospel accounts of Jesus’s life reveals that He used this model too!

  1. Jesus taught His disciples to study the Bible.
  2. Jesus taught His disciples how to practice obedience to His Word.
  3. Jesus taught His disciples how to teach others what He taught them.

Jesus was discipled by His Father. History proves that Jesus was an incredible disciple making disciple! His first disciples made so many disciple-making disciples that they turned the world upside down by the end of the 1st Century. The Book of Acts portrays the earliest Church exhibiting supernatural unity in its obedience to Jesus’s Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

Almost 2,000 years later, it seems as if there is very little understanding about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. What happened? The Church stopped doing what Jesus was taught His disciples, what they taught their disciples.

Disciples Share Their Faith

At some point, the Church began to see evangelism and discipleship as separate and distinct activities. The common misunderstanding is that someone must first be convinced of Jesus’s death, burial, and resurrection as the only thing that can wash away one’s own personal sin. They get saved. Theologians identify this as substitutionary atonement. I call it Good News! Second, following salvation, new believers are exposed to what someone says they should know about the life of a believer. This is what usually passes for discipleship training. Sadly, this is not the picture drawn for us in the Bible. That is indoctrination. It is not discipleship as it is seen in the Bible.

The separation of evangelism from discipleship was the starting point for most of the dysfunction and division observed by the world among those of us who claim to be Christians. Jesus discipled everyone He met towards the next decision they needed to make. Some were discipled towards initial belief in Him. Others were discipled towards becoming obedient in all things. Everyone was being discipled together. This created the unity so prevalent in the 1st Century Church, the Body of Messiah.

Easy As 1, 2, 3

There are no coincidences in life. We believe that God brought you to this website to explore a road map to 1st Century disciple making in the 21st Century. Along the way, we believe you will experience some serious fun as you discover the simplicity of making disciple-making disciples.

Take a look at Ezra 7:10. Our strategy and methods come right out of the Bible, both the Old and the New Testaments. Three legs of a simple stool are emblematic of the disciple making strategy we have adopted at Disciple Daily. If any of the legs are missing, you will not make disciple making disciples as Jesus commanded.

  1. StudyStudy – Almost half of the Bible is narrative. Rolled out like a scroll over thousands of years. It is one continuous story from Genesis through Revelation. The big story of the Bible rests on individual stories that are all connected. The first leg of our discipleship training plan is built around you learning to tell twelve key Bible stories. By studying the background to the twelve Stories of God you will build a comprehensive understanding of the whole Bible. On this website, you are given access to sample videos of someone telling the story that you are learning. Each story can be told in under five minutes. Every story has memory verses that once learned will give your listeners greater confidence that the story you are telling is not a a fairy tale, that it actually happened! You will also be able to download a Storyteller’s Guide that lists the memory verses, the main events of the story listed in order, and an initial script. Learning to tell these stories in order to those who need to hear them glorifies God.
  2. PracticePractice – When you are transformed through your own study of God’s Word, people begin to take notice of the practice of your faith. Some will ask questions.  When the questions come, Jesus’s disciples must be ready to answer with both their lives and their lips (Acts 2:44-47)! By inviting them to join you in learning how to tell the grand story of God, you just might get to see them believe in like you do. You will be discipling them to first faith by exploring the Bible. This is where the serious fun begins. Following your example, many of your new disciples will likely begin to make disciple-making disciples of their own. Of course there are a lot of other stories in the Bible, stories that fill the gaps between the ones you learn to tell from our Stories of God series. What would you say if I told you that we can show you how to tell the entire story of the Bible, including all of the major people, places and events in under 9 minutes. Getting equipped to provide the big picture of the entire Bible is what our Walk Thru the Bible training is all about!
  3. Teach  God is orderly. His Word unfolds from eternity past throTeachugh the actual historical events of the Hebrew Bible. These events pointed to God’s sovereign control over all things, the things that led to the first advent of His only Son, Yeshua. Jesus was a Jew. He left heaven to do life among that special group of people to whom the Scriptures and the Covenants were entrusted, the Jewish people. We are told that from an early age Jesus grew “in wisdom and in stature, and in favor with God and men.” Jesus was real. He was available. He was transparent. He was a servant to all. People liked Jesus. He taught others with His life. His actions were a perfect reflection of what He taught. During the lifetime of Jesus’s first disciples (Hebrew – talmidim), the Hebrew Bible as the only Bible they had. The foundation of all Scripture is what is known today by the Jewish people as the Torah, the five books Moses is credited with writing. Five Alive is a video training series assembled by some of Jesus’s 21st Century Jewish talmidim. Completing this one-year training series will help you better understand what was written about Jesus’s life, the expansion of the Church (Body of Messiah), the Epistles, and Revelation. Use this series to continue your disciple-making activities with those God has entrusted to your care.

Without a plan, it is impossible to make disciples that make disciples. If you have a plan that works, use it. If you do not have a plan, use ours. Let’s make disciples of Jesus together until the day we all hear Him say “Well done!”

Here at Disciple Daily we use the the terms disciple and discipleship in the way they were understood by Jesus’ first disciples. Institutions don’t make disciples. Your congregation or church does not make disciples. Individual believers, who have been exposed to authentic biblically driven transparent relationships are the ones who make disciple-making disciples of Jesus Christ.

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