Moldova Report
June 28 – July 13, 2017


Over the last several years, I have had the privilege of traveling quite a bit. The purpose has been to introduce some of Jesus’s disciples around the world to our Stories of God disciple making strategy. The people I am working with have yielded their lives to the Holy Spirit’s empowerment to create disciple making movements where they live work and play.

A disciple-making movement is a self-replicating group of disciples of Jesus Christ that extends to at least fourth spiritual generation. This model is based on 2 Timothy 2:2.

Paul discipled Timothy. Timothy identified faithful men to disciple based on their commitment to disciple others.
Admiral’s Academy
I have just returned from a sixteen day trip to Moldova. The first couple of days were invested in the lives of Nick and Uliana Morari. The Moraris live in Chisinau, the capital. We first met Nick through Wayside Chapel, our home church. A partnership has since been forged between Disciple Daily and the Admirals Academy, the basketball ministry they founded five years ago.

Start A Movement

Disciple Nations2 Timothy

Jesus’s first disciples were trained to make disciples who make disciples. He initiated the first disciple making movement by modeling the reproductive lifestyle His disciples  were to employ. His training entailed much more than the transference of information from Him to them. His was a balanced methodology. As Jesus reframed their understanding of the Hebrew Scriptures, known to us as the Old Testament, they were expected to obey what His training demanded. According to Acts 1:8, they were to create disciple making movements starting in Jerusalem, extending from there into Judea and Samaria, and finally throughout the rest of the world.   

Nothing has changed in what God requires of those who follow Him today. And yet, over the last 2,000 years much of the Church has adopted a different definition for the word “disciple”. Today, we have taken the focus off of obeying Jesus’s directive to make more disciples. The focus is on making our own lives better. That is a by-product of belonging to the Lord, but not the main objective. I wonder how it strikes Jesus when we proclaim with our actions that “it’s more about me than it is
about Thee”?

Disciple Making MovementsSo Old It Seems New!

Disciple Daily is a network of individuals who collaborate with others around the world to intentionally initiate Disciple Making Movements. Also known as DMMs, disciple making movements are driven by rapidly reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ. The momentum that this creates can sweep through previously unreached or unchurched areas in a relatively short period of time. Discipling, the equipping and coaching new disciple makers, is based on a system of personal discovery of God and determining His will from the Bible. This should be coupled with a highly intentional commitment to one’s own immediate personal obedience. This approach to leadership development produces highly committed men and women with the character and skills to produce a new kind of leadership that fosters a new level of Kingdom impact. The people we are meeting and working with are believers in Jesus who are reclaiming and adopting the biblical definitions and practices of His first disciples. Some of these DMM initiators are here in the West. Others live abroad. Many of these disciples live in restricted or closed access areas.

Over the last several years, Disciple Daily has begun working alongside a network of disciples who use sports as a gateway to disciple making activity. We work together within an open source community. We hold all things in common, following the example of the earliest Church as seen in Acts 2:44-47. It is so refreshing and exciting to be around this group, learning and serving together. 

Now, let us introduce you to SportQuest of Ukraine and the Admirals Basketball Academy in Moldova. These are just two of our many network partners!  

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Birth Announcements

Jerusalem & Nazareth
Dateline: 7 B.C.

“It has been six months since Elisheva, long-time wife of Zacharias, conceived. News of a miracle child has left Zacharias speechless. Using ink and ostraca, Zacharias is telling an unbelievable story. ‘An angel appeared to me while I was ministering to the LORD in the Holy Place. Fearful that I had done something wrong and was about to die, the angel identified himself as Gabriel, God’s messenger. ‘You have no reason to fear,’ the angel said. The elderly priest reports that he and his wife are expecting a son. Amid many ‘Mazel Tov’s’, family and friends are taking bets on who will be the boy’s namesake. On that subject, Zacharaias is also mute!”


Jesus’ Genealogy

His Claim To David’s Throne

More than any other Gospel writer, Matthew refers to messianic prophecy from the Old Testament. This is because Matthew’s gospel was directed primarily at Jewish people through whom the Bible was written. They longed to welcome their promised and long awaited conquering King. This Coming One would be identified by His fulfillment of certain criteria established long before His time. Jesus’ genealogy would contain important keys to His identification by His own Jewish people.

He would be a descendant of Abraham.
He would be a descendant of Judah.
He would be a descendant of David.

Matthew’s account of Jesus’s family history stretches from Abraham through fourteen generations to King David. Fourteen generations later the Southern Kingdom of Judah was deported to Babylonia. After another fourteen generations, the scarlet thread was stitched through the fabric of God’s grand story in Bethlehem, just as God had promised. But…

Even though He had all the credentials, Yeshua was not what most of Israel was expecting!

Many of us who celebrate Christmas doubtless have nativity sets placed around our homes at that time of year. My house is no exception. Many of the nativity sets you’ll see include figures that represent the Magi who personally presented their gifts to an infant that had been born in a stable surrounded by his parents, lowly shepherds, and smelly animals.  More

Yoke Of The Rabbi

Who’s Disciple Are You?

This week I had an interesting conversation with a long-time friend about the process of making disciples. From the beginning, I sensed that we had different understandings of who is a disciple of Jesus and what do His disciples do? For our discussion to be productive, it was necessary that we attempt to get on the same page in this matter. Biblical definitions of “disciple” and “discipleship” needed to be established. We had to go back to Jesus and His first disciples to arrive at a consensus from which our discussion could proceed.

By simply watching and listening to a prospective rabbi in the time of Jesus, one could know almost immediately who his discipler was. During the lifetime of Jesus there were four things any disciple did when following a particular rabbi.

1. They memorized his words.
2. They adopted his interpretation of Scripture.
3. They imitated his ministry model.
4. They multiplied his teaching in disciples of their own.


All History Is His Story

There has never been a time like the one we currently live in. Think about it. The accessibility of information about what is happening in every far-flung corner of the world is almost immediately available. Those living in Mongolian yurts, Bedouin tents, Vietnamese sampans, and Manhattan apartments are connected in ways science fiction storytellers only fantacized about at the close of the Twentieth Century. All one needs is a computer or smart phone and access to the internet. The availability of real-time news and its accompanying commentary by global pundits of all persuasions is both a bane and blessing.

Definition of Bane:
1. Killer, Slayer, Death, Destruction
2. A source of harm or ruin

The demonically inspired attacks of 9/11 were seen around the world as they happened. Untold millions (perhaps billions) sat glued to screens of all types, unable to pull themselves away from the unfiltered images Islamic terrorists intended for worldwide distribution. Planes were grounded. Wall Street stopped trading. Schools closed. Survivalist enterprises hit the jackpot. People everywhere were immobilized. All wondered, “What’s next?” Make no mistake. The scenes of destruction and death were intended to demoralize the entire world. What was unleashed on our country was evil. Period. No discussion needed.

At the same time this instant access event was being viewed around the globe, lines of communication were opened up. Loved ones were located and found safe. First responders were dispatched. Survivors were freed from mountains of cement and steel. Stories of hope broke through the dust and devastation. As horrific as it all was, hope was found. Heroes stepped into the darkness and there was light. 

Timothy Team Israel Tour – Day 13

January 13, 2017

Every morning of this journey, the daily schedule of Timothy Team Israel Tour has began with a gathering for coffee and a time of reading the Bible together. We have been working though the Gospel of Matthew. This account of Yeshua’s life was written to Jewish people who had knowledge of the the prophecies related to the coming Messiah, the Son of David from the Hebrew Scriptures. Matthew used more Old Testament scripture than any other Gospel writer. He built an iron-clad case for the the fact that Jesus is who He says He is, did the things the Bible said He would, and that He is not finished yet. 

Today, on foot once again, we traced the last hours of Jesus’s life from the Last Passover to the Garden of Gethsemane where He prayed and was arrested. The dungeons at Caiaphas House were a sober reminder of that what had to be done to defeat Satan forever. Following an illegal nighttime trial, Yeshua was taken to Pilate, Herod and then back to Pilate where He was handed over to the soldiers to be led in shame to Golgotha. There He was crucified as a criminal, between criminals. It might just as well have been you and me. Six hours later the King of Glory was laid in a rich man’s tomb. It could have been on the site of the Holy Sepulcher or the Garden Tomb. Maybe even someplace else. It really doesn’t matter where. We saw it all today.  More

Timothy Team Israel Tour – Day 12

January 12, 2017

The Timothy Team Israel Tour is on the road again for day number twelve. Being on the move as witnesses for the Lord is what this training is all about.

Its is an interesting fact that God never asked David or Solomon to build a temple. The Tabernacle was another thing altogether. There was a splendor to the simplicity of the Tabernacle. God provided the instructions for it’s building to the craftsmen who made it. Once completed, God took up residence there among His people. When He moved, they moved. Where He stopped, they set up camp. This activity from the Hebrew Scriptures also reflects the life of a disciple of Yeshua. We are to move when and where He tells us to. When He tells us to stop and take up residence somewhere, that is what what we are to do. Why? We are to be His image bearer wherever he wants us to be with whatever people He wants us to hang out with, until He tells us to move on.

Today, our focus is on the Temple, crisscrossing the city on foot to explore the idea and expression of the Tabernacle and the Temple from the time of David to its destruction in 70 AD. 

Timothy Team Israel Tour – Day 3

January 3, 2017

After a long flight, the members of the Timothy Team Israel Tour landed at Ben Gurion Airport mostly bushy tailed if not totally bright eyed. Shortly before landing, Joseph who was sitting across the aisle from me with his wife and baby, asked… “Why are you coming to Israel?”

Thus began a remarkable conversation, overheard by the people around us. Not only was Joseph fully engaged, so too, were those sitting next to me. All of them are Ultra-Orthodox Jews. They were curious as to why we wanted to see the sites in the southern part of their country. “Wasn’t Jesus supposedly born in the Galilee?” “No, He was born in Bethlehem, He grew up in the Galilee,” I said. “His story is the story of your people. Without your story, ours is really just a fairy tale?” They had many questions. This is how our time in Israel began. We were on the road south from the airport by 10:15 AM. Here is the itinerary for the first day.

Timothy Team Israel Tour – Day 1 & 2

January 1 & 2, 2017

This morning, New Year’s Day, we left Texas while it was still dark. Our destination is Israel, the land where heaven met earth in the person of Yeshua HaMashiach. To most He is known as Jesus, the second person of the Triune Godhead. According to John’s Prologue (John 1:1-18) it was Jesus who said, “Let there be light!” And, there was. Yeshua spoke into the darkness, chasing the darkness away. That is what the Light always does. Enroute to Newark, the sun came up. Here above the white pillowy clouds below, with the blue sky illuminated in a manner never seen on the surface, I am contemplating what lies ahead. For fifteen days, the little flock Keith Myer (T-Bar-M Timothy Team Director) and I shepherd will explore Israel according to the timeline of Scripture. More