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Jesus’s first disciples were trained to make disciples who make disciples. He initiated the first disciple making movement by modeling the reproductive lifestyle His disciples  were to employ. His training entailed much more than the transference of information from Him to them. His was a balanced methodology. As Jesus reframed their understanding of the Hebrew Scriptures, known to us as the Old Testament, they were expected to obey what His training demanded. According to Acts 1:8, they were to create disciple making movements starting in Jerusalem, extending from there into Judea and Samaria, and finally throughout the rest of the world.   

Nothing has changed in what God requires of those who follow Him today. And yet, over the last 2,000 years much of the Church has adopted a different definition for the word “disciple”. Today, we have taken the focus off of obeying Jesus’s directive to make more disciples. The focus is on making our own lives better. That is a by-product of belonging to the Lord, but not the main objective. I wonder how it strikes Jesus when we proclaim with our actions that “it’s more about me than it is
about Thee”?

Disciple Making MovementsSo Old It Seems New!

Disciple Daily is a network of individuals who collaborate with others around the world to intentionally initiate Disciple Making Movements. Also known as DMMs, disciple making movements are driven by rapidly reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ. The momentum that this creates can sweep through previously unreached or unchurched areas in a relatively short period of time. Discipling, the equipping and coaching new disciple makers, is based on a system of personal discovery of God and determining His will from the Bible. This should be coupled with a highly intentional commitment to one’s own immediate personal obedience. This approach to leadership development produces highly committed men and women with the character and skills to produce a new kind of leadership that fosters a new level of Kingdom impact. The people we are meeting and working with are believers in Jesus who are reclaiming and adopting the biblical definitions and practices of His first disciples. Some of these DMM initiators are here in the West. Others live abroad. Many of these disciples live in restricted or closed access areas.

Over the last several years, Disciple Daily has begun working alongside a network of disciples who use sports as a gateway to disciple making activity. We work together within an open source community. We hold all things in common, following the example of the earliest Church as seen in Acts 2:44-47. It is so refreshing and exciting to be around this group, learning and serving together. 

Now, let us introduce you to SportQuest of Ukraine and the Admirals Basketball Academy in Moldova. These are just two of our many network partners!  

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  1. Mandi
    Apr 23, 2016 @ 09:23:52

    Good day

    I trust you well in the Lord. My name is Mandi From South Africa and I am looking for information for Sunday school kids and newly converts whom I would like to take through classes to mature their faith. I am helping in a very small local church which has little or to no information and care about newly converts after they have been saved. I feel a need to teach them in their walk with Christ. It is my desire to see the Lord helping them through your help. I am looking for any PowerPoint presentations or word documents that I can print for them so that we can use as a manual. I have been following this site and gained a lot of information.

    Should you wish to help, I am willing to pay for any shipping of material that I can use. It is difficult to see people going back to their old ways whereas I could ask for help in same organisations that share the same gospel I believe.

    Your response in this will be kindly appreciated. I am available on my email address as well as on my mobile at +27 71 291 1173. If there are any organisations you work with in Cape Town, I would love to contact them.

    Yours in Christ


    • Disciple Daily Manager
      Apr 23, 2016 @ 09:28:05


      Thank you for your note.

      Disciple Daily approaches discipleship in a manner that is counter-intuitive through a strategy so old, it seems new. We train interested individuals to initiate disciple making movements one person at a time through the use of oral Bible teaching, commonly known as story telling. This approach tends to be thought of as only for children. That is very wrong. It is great for children, but it is also great for adults. Storytelling or Storyteaching puts everyone on the same level, young old, not a believer, new believer, seasoned saint… it makes no difference. This oral method forces people to participate in their own education and application in what the Bible actually teaches.

      Please go to the “Study” page on our website. Read through the entire page, making sure to scroll down to the bottom. There are twelve foundation stories to be used with anyone who wants to become an initiator of disciple making movements. Please start with the first story and work forward from there. Don’t skip ahead to a story you think may be more interesting. Each story becomes more dense covering longer periods of biblical history. When all twelve stories have been learned by the disciples God entrusts to you, they will have a firm grasp of the entire Bible. It may take you several weeks to teach each story to the point that your disciples are able to teach it to someone else. Don’t move on until most of your people have mastered the story you are working on.

      Each story can be told in 3-5 minutes. There is a Storyteller’s Guide that can be downloaded for free right from the page. There is also a sample video of each of the twelve stories. Look through this over the next several days. Then if you would like to schedule a Skype conference to fine-tune your approach, I would be happy to do that.



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