Disciple DailyWhy Are You Here?
God created you to experience success. This is what Disciple Daily believes. It makes no difference who you are, where you live, what you do, how old you are, whether you are male or female, black or white, have a college degree or didn’t go to school at all. All of us were made for success! Your success is the why behind everything Disciple Daily does!

How Is Success Measured?
Disciple Daily

The success you were created for is not the accumulation of fame, wealth, rank, or power. The Bible identifies success as the favorable outcome or conclusion of a life well lived.  How does one achieve this kind of success? It is accomplished by allowing God to work through you in the lives of the people He places in your sphere of influence. Your success in this endeavor is not measured by others. It is not by your church, your denomination, or para-church organization. It is measured by God alone. Disciple Daily exists to help ensure that you experience the success you were created for, to make sure that on the day this life ends you hear God say “well done.”

What Does Disciple Daily Do?
We do what Jesus’s disciples have always done. We teach believers associated with our global network to live and tell the grand story of God’s glory to those who need to hear it everyday, everywhere. We are storytellers. The people associated with our global network are storytellers. We all teach believers in Jesus to tell the greatest story ever told. We train believers to be Jesus’s disciples, disciples who make disciples… one story at a time.     

Everything offered on this website is driven by what we believe. It is here for your use in living a biblically successful life. You won’t find anything here for sale. Our donors make it possible to offer the resources and strategies that the partners of the Disciple Daily Network produce for your personal use free of charge. 

Explore this website and discover how to enjoy the success you were created for, forever!

Arlie Francis
Disciple Daily, Founder 

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