Disciple Daily – Virtual Israel Tour

What Is Disciple Daily?

Disciple Daily is a global network of Bible storytellers. The Bible tells one long and continuous story. That story is comprised of many individual stories. Our network partners train together for the purpose of learning how to make disciple making disciples, one story at a time.

We are an international community of Jesus followers who live out the priorities of Ezra 7:10. We have all made an intentional decision to:

  • Study the storyline of the Bible together every day.
  • Practice living the life of a disciple making disciple of Jesus everyday.
  • Teach those God puts in our lives how to use the grand story of God to make more disciples every day.

What is Disciple Daily? We are a family of individual followers of Jesus from many nations, languages, cultures and backgrounds. We study, practice, and teach the Stories of God every single day to the people God brings us where we live, work and play. Our global movement is growing and gaining momentum every day.  

What We Have Is Yours
The resources available on this website are for your use. They have been produced to assist you in living a biblically successful life. The resources available on this website are not for sale. Our donors want you to have them free of charge. Look around
. Discover what we are doing here, near, and far all around the world. We want to help you experience the success you were created for! We are inviting you to explore what God is doing in and through us. This your invitation to be a part of the movement that is Disciple Daily. If you have any questions, just ask

Arlie Francis
Founder / Director
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